Apple Car, what are the obstacles?

A few weeks ago, Apple has announced its new car project, called Titan. The name is suitable because this project will require a huge effort to break into the auto industry. Rumors are saying that Apple is planning to build an electric car and its release will be somewhere in 2020. It didn’t last long for executives from well-known car companies to dismiss the rumored project. They do not believe in this car project and claimed that it actually is a little more than wishful thinking for Apple.

The first person who taunted Apple, was Dan Akerson, the former CEO of General Motors. He believes that a high profit-margin company like Apple would not want to get into “a low-margin, heavy-manufacturing” car business. However, Dan Akerson probably refers to those pesky regulatory and safety requirements, which present huge challenges, even for giants such as Toyota and GM. Many car makers have had to pay colossal fines for violating safety regulations in the past few years. 

These problems can be a huge challenge for a consumer electronics company. The truth is that iPhone can’t kill you, but a car definitely can. “The car is probably the most regulated consumer product in the world,” has declared John Voelcker, editor of “Its lengthy product cycle, enormous regulatory burden, and extreme durability requirements make even the most complicated electronic/software device look simple in comparison. Apple will have to learn all that,” he also added.

Apple has been interested in the automotive industry for years, but they didn’t made a move until now. The big Apple Company recently released the In-car platform CarPlay based on iOS which can be connected through iPhones. CarPlay allows drivers to access useful apps through the car’s center screen, like maps, messages and phone calls. CEO Tim Cook has declared that this operating system is a “key to the future”. To be mentioned that Tesla, a successful electric car, has hired more Apple employees than workers from any other company.

Analysts said that autonomous cars are no longer science fiction and they will be on rods sooner than we think.

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