Ann Curry Fans Petition To Save Her “Today” Job

Based on a recent report published by Reuters, Ann Curry fans have made an online petition to help her save her job as a co-anchor at “Today”. Even though the petition was posted on Friday, supporters already managed to raise 500 signatures for Curry.

Judging by the number of fans who were revolted by NBC’s decision to let Ann Curry go, the co-anchor is the main reason why “Today” is so successful. As soon as her departure was announced, fans took to the online organization called Change and posted a petition to gather signatures in Curry’s support. So far, 500 viewers expressed their wish to see the anchorwoman on the NBC broadcast, some of them being really upset by NBC’s announcement.

The petition was created by Stephen Crowley, an Iraq war veteran who currently leaves in Phoenix, Arizona. He confessed on the website that he really admires Ann Curry because she can help him overcome his post-traumatic stress disorder. He added that her compassionate style of journalism is the only thing that gives him “a sense of calm and certainty in life”.

After watching her show for a long time, Crowley was able to say that Ann is incredibly sensitive to people’s problems. Fans, viewers and Stephen, himself, appreciate the kindness that the journalist shows every time she stays in front of the camera. It is this compassionate style that has helped her connect with the audience of the show; therefore, her supporters threaten to stop watching “Today” if producers don’t bring Curry back.

Meanwhile, Curry has hired attorney Robert Barnett to negotiate her exit from the morning broadcast. Barnett has successfully represented Christiane Amanpour when she needed someone to negotiate on her behalf upon her departure from ABC News’ “This Week”. According to Ann’s reps, the decision of the television network will be communicated next week.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Ann Curry might continue to work for NBC, but on a different position. Rumor has it that the anchorwoman could become a foreign correspondent for the television, but NBC did not make any comments in relation to her departure.


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  1. if anyone needs to leave the Today show it should be Matt Lowry. He is a bad interviewer always interupts the guest. Let Ann Stay!!

  2. Ann Curry might be a fine person, but a news reporter/interviewer she is not. I can’t believe that she ever got the job in the first place. What was NBC thinking?

  3. I have been watching the today show since dave and mugs…the day ann leaves is the last day i stop watching the today !!!! she is the most caring person on that show along with al roker.sorry al AND IHAC=VE ALWAYS FELT THAT THE REASON MERIDETH LEFT WAS BECAUSE SHE AND MAT HAD SOMETHINg GOING ON BETWEEN THEM BUT HE GOT TO STAY!!!

  4. This is a terrible thing to do to Ann who does a beautiful job on the Today Show . If you think she is the problem you are wrong . You will not find a better person then Ann Curry for the show . We have watched the Today show for years and she is one of the best co-anchors you have ever had . This may cause us to switch to another morning show.

  5. Regarding Ann Curry,

    I was thrilled when Ann joined lead anchors on the Today Show. To hear the news that she is leaving the show is shocking.

    We live in a an age of turmoil and confusion all co created by humankind. Fear and deep seated anger erupts on buses, in planes, restaurants, workplaces … and what was once considered ‘Home Sweet Home”.

    Ann Curry is a Grace Full Lady and models behaviours and values that in today’s environment, are being tossed and dismissed like disposable lighters.

    Ann, I thank you so much for having your life and being in balance. You are a Light and walk your talk. Stand Tall, you are a fine example for others to emulate. I celebrate you.

    Return to Grace.
    from Canada


  7. NBC has to be kidding. Annie is wonderful, quirky and has a different personality that you will not find on anyone else.

    She has been in the trenches and more than paid her dues.

    She is a professional and NBC will be just another morning show without her.

    Keep Annie NBC!!

  8. Maybe NBC should was the new HBO series about a news room. There is great value in sincerity in providing news. Ann Curry does that. She is a true asset and should be maintained! I will certainly lose faith AND interest in The Today Show after watching over 50 years.

  9. My husband and I agree that Ann is the most careing and professional on the Today show. Matt’s time on the show is past due. He is arrogant and not good at interviewing. Of course we have already moved to CBS morning show with Charlie Rose as they talk real news and it is just a much better program.

  10. Please keep Ann Curry. She is compassionate and a true professional. She has lit up that show since she as been there. She has true world experience, not afraid of getting dirty and going into danger zones to report on real life. These things make her believable and a joy to listen to. I can’t believe that she is being blamed for lower ratings. Ever consider that it might be that 10 million (or is it 15!) dollar man! I will be changing to Good Morning America the day she goes. Wherever she goes will be more fortunate than NBC.

  11. Ann Curry is a tribute to her profession. She is th most serious professional on the Today Show and if she is replaced then it will be time for evaluation of The Today Show’s lack of representation of time honored journalism practices.

  12. If the Today Show does not renew Ann Curry’s contract then they are showing a lack of true reporting and time honored journalism practices. She is a tribute to her profession and is not another prettty face with a great personality. She is the “total package deal.”

  13. 6/27/12
    NBC id crazy blaming Ann Curry for the fall in ratings.’
    Ann Curry id an experienced reporter, excellent host.
    Savannah Guthrie is not a reporter, but a legal analyst
    who knows nothing about reporting or hosting TV.
    NBC should blame Savannah Guthrie for the fall in
    ratins, not Ann Curry. Ann Currie is sunshine, Savannah
    Guthrie is so clumsy,, akward, I turn off the show since
    Guthrie joined Today. NBC executives need their
    heads examined. NBC will lose viewers if Ann Curry
    if let go.

  14. I’ve never watched gma…and now I won’t be watching the today show. A dam shame! I really liked Ann Curry, truly professional and graceful in her exit.

  15. Savanna who? No more Today show or support for their advertisers. Ann took all class on that show with her.

  16. I have been a loyal Today show viewer for more than 30 years, but that ended yesterday with Ann Curry’s dismissal. I made the shift to Good Morning America today. Ann Curry is a “real” person with integrity, compassion, and heart. She does not come across as self-absorbed unlike Lauer and Morales. Savannnah Guthrie…seriously??? This is almost too ridiculous to believe!

  17. If Anne Curie is NOT on Today, I won’t be watching Today anymore. It is time the arroganat Matt Lauer goes and I will switch to another show.
    I love Anne Currie, she is a professional and she cares about people. She may be one of the kindest persons on TV.Big Mistake for NBC>

  18. I am not watching. NBC including our local NBC stationM
    Because of Anne getting removed with the LAME reason.

  19. I have watched the Today Show for 20+ years. Can’t believe they have let Ann Curry go………will be watching GMA from now on!

  20. I’ve watched the Today show for at least 20 years but now will be wataching GMA on ABC. Ann Curry, even when she only did the morning news, was who I really enjoyed seeing on the Today show. Matt has done a good job but now I think it is time for him to leave the show. He just does not do anything for the Today Show (he’s actually boring to watch).I wish Ann good luck in her new job and I’m sure she will show Matt Lauer up.

  21. I am sickened over NBC removing Ann Curry! I watched CBS and when they did the same thing to their morning show folks I removed them from viewing and have not returned at all. I have done the same thing with NBC!!When I see Ann on segment showing it sickens me that they gave her breadcrumbs……..She should have her own show and I hope someone values her and offers her what none of the others can even touch. Shame on NBC and may it hit them in the pocket as it should.

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