Angry Birds Released New Episodes

Even if you don’t actually own an iPhone you must have played Angry Birds at least once, and if you didn’t, then it’s impossible not to have heard about it. Best-selling application for iPhone in 2011, Angry Birds released new episodes to mark the celebration of two years of existence.

Rovio, the game developer, gave its fans the best gift ever, as all iOS users got a free update with 15 special levels. So, no matter how bad you are at Angry Birds, all 300 levels are unlocked. Plus, on December 11, Angry Birds’ “birrday party”, organized with Barnes & Noble, brought fans scavenger hunts, high-score contests, parades and guessing games.

Even Toys R Us got involved, offering discounts for Angry Birds plush toys as well as an unlock code for an Angry Birds Chrome Seasons Greedings bonus level. Did you get yours?

The truth is that Angry Birds is so loved people all ages spend hours playing it. According to Rovio chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka, the company is now delivering 10 billion advertising impressions per months. Thus, Rovio is now the world’s largest mobile ad publisher, bigger than even Google.

Although Google hasn’t confirmed Vesterbacka’s statement, when you look at the data it does make sense. Based on last month’s data, Mashable says people have played 266 billion levels of game, shot 400 billion birds and collected 44 billion stars. Each month, fans play for a combined 1.825 billion hours per month.

This is what Vesterbacka said for The Moscow Times: “We now have 500 million downloads, and we did that in two years. It took Tetris 20 to 25 years…Our Tetris strategy is not only the volume but also getting onto all screens”.

Forbes says that Rovio estimates 20 million Angry Birds toys for this Christmas. The company also has prepared a cooking book and sometime next year you can even see Angry Birds on the big screen in their own 3D feature film produced by David Maisel.
Angry Birds have even made it into the fashion world and we’re not talking just about T-shirts and all sorts of accessories. Teija Vesterbacka, the wife of Rovio’s CMO, wore an Angry Birds dress to an event last Tuesday night.

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