Angelina Jolie is a Great Boss

Angelina Jolie has always been considered a talented actress. Now, it seems that she can also do an amazing job as a movie director. Angelina Jolie recently directed movie Unbroken and the star has received great appreciation from her work colleagues. Jock O’Connell recently praised the Hollywood star for her way of working with people. 

The actor claimed that Angelina treated him as an equal and he really appreciated that. “She had compassion. She supported me throughout. If I’m watching her treat everyone as an equal, that made me feel exactly like that, too. I spent time with her in the rehearsal period,” the actor claimed in a recent interview. 

“She set up meetings with my mum and some of my family. So, by the time we go to the set, it felt like I had a bit of a friend. But it was a massive leap for me, a much more expensive realm of the industry,” he explained. 

Angelina Jolie’s new movie is a success, but it seems that not everyone agrees with the perspective the star presented. Unbroken has been called a racist movie by Japanese nationalists. The action in this movie is actually based on a nonfiction book by Laura Hillenbrand and it is about the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic athlete. The new movie is set to be released in the United States on Christmas Day. 

Angelina Jolie decided to talk about her experience in the new movie during an appearance on Today show. The star was accompanied in the show by two of the stars of the movie, Jack O’Connell and Miyavi. “We are losing these men and women,” Angelina said when talking about the movie. “Their commitment to their community, their family, their faith — it’s extraordinary,” the actress also revealed. 

It is yet to see how successful Angelina Jolie’s new movie will be. However, the movie already is controversial, as some reports went to say that it may even be banned in Japan. Without a doubt, the story is very interesting to discover and there are only a few weeks left until its release.

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