Angelina Jolie, if not an actress, then a funeral director

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie says that, when she was young, she dreamed about being a funeral director. In an interview for “60 Minutes”, she talked to Bob Simon about her dark eccentric idea.

“It sounds like this very strange, eccentric dark thing to do”, says Angie of her dream of owning a funeral service company. The actress explains that she first thought about it when her grandfather died. “I was very upset with his funeral”, she said. She talked with her family about whether it wouldn’t be a good idea to start a business that will change the way that death is addressed. They discussed about a different way to deal with somebody passing. “If this acting thing didn’t work out, that was going to be my back up’, the Hollywood star concluded.

Angelina’s acting career has worked out just fine and recently she tested her directorial abilities as well, when directing the film “In the Land of Blood and Honey”, which will hit theaters on December 23, this year.

Being “like-married” to another Hollywood star, Brad Pitt, and having six children make Angie a different list of priorities than other Hollywood stars’. Her first choice, when it comes to the perfect way of spending time, is her man and kids. The actress admits that she feels the best when she is at home with her sons and daughters and she would always choose family over career.

When asked about her opinion on the portrayal that the tabloids have built her over the years, Jolie says that such publications are very shallow, as they do not capture her true nature. The things written about her “are not who I am, they’re not what I spend my day caring about.”

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