Android Wear’s biggest update

Looks like Android Wear has received a new update these days. This is probably the biggest update that they ever made. Google managed to introduce numerous new features that will probably change the use of watches, from hand gestures to Wi-Fi support and hand-drawn emoji. Even if these changes are considered small, Google promised to make even a year-old hardware look new. With this new update, Google ensure that Android Wear keeps up with the Apple Watch.

Probably, the most interesting part and attractive update is the new support for drawing emoji characters. It is a comfortable feature, because instead of awkwardly speaking into your wrist or replying with a canned response, you can draw an emoji character. This emoji character will be recognized by Android Wear and converted into an actual emoji. It is an interesting feature and ends up being entertaining, but if Android Wear will not recognize the draw, it fails horribly. This feature was also included in the Android Handwriting Input App. 

The Android Wear team decided to turn this idea into a feature, but needed help in making it work for millions of people. “We had volunteer Googlers send us hundreds of thousands of drawing samples,” declared Jeff Change, the lead product manager for Wear. “They’d do that over and over, and eventually the result is a reliable way to covertly reply to things in situations where you can’t talk, or when an emoji is a more appropriate response,” he continued.

Even if emoji is useful for responding to people, the smartwatch needs to be near a phone to get those messages. It seems that Google had changed that, and Android Wear now supports Wi-Fi. This means that the watch can pass beyond the phone’s Bluetooth range and still get messages, notifications, do searches and take phone calls. Wi-Fi is already built in several Android Wear devices and they are ready to be flipped on. With this feature, users can go into another room or part of the house and still be connected to a phone. The most interesting part is that Google will automatically sniff out open Wi-Fi hotspots and connect the watch.

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