Andrew Auernheimer is freed by Federal Appeals Court

A quite curious and controversial case is the one involving Andrew Auernheimer. Andrew was just freed by a federal appeals court. The man was previously sentenced to 41 months in jail. 

However, the decision of a federal court indicates that Andrew is a free man, so he no longer had to worry about the sentence that indicated he had to spend about 4 years in jail. Andrew Auernheimer, aka Escher, is well known for trolling, as well as Reddit, among many other online hubs. 

Well, according to the US Court of Appeals, what the Justice Department did was to improperly put Andrew on trial. What was debated in this context was the fact that Andrew Auernheimer was judged here, even though the hacking took place in another location. 

The 41 months conviction dates back to 2012. It has been claimed that Andrew obtained the email addresses of more than 120,000 iPad users of AT&T’s web site. After that, apparently, Auernheimer gave the addresses to the web site Gawker. 

After the conviction, a series of debates occurred. It has been said that Andrew is just a minor hacker caught up in the cybercrime crackdown due to his political or even his anti-corporate views. Andrew himself said that his only purpose was to embarrass AT&T and he never meant to do anything more than that. Court documents indicate that AT&T was able to solve the problem really fast, actually in just one hour. 

In court, Andrew Auernheimer was presented as a dangerous hacker, who violated the privacy of many people. A threat for the online community, as Andrew was named, the man remained free, as it was debated that the trial should take place where the crime was committed. So, what the court determined is that the Department of Justice brought the case to trial in the wrong district. 

At this point it remains unclear whether Auernheimer can be trailed once again or not. So, it is yet to see what will happen in this case and what will happen to him. No statements have been made by At&T for now, as a spokeswoman for the company declined to comment. 

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