Anchor Jane McGarry Was Arrested For DWI

NBC 5 management surely didn’t take the news that its anchor Jane McGarry was arrested for DWI. The 56 year old NBC 5 anchor was arrested early Sunday in Dallas County.

Dallas is not the best place to get busted for drunk driving. Officers will bust you, whether or not, you’re a famous TV celebrity, a singer or some actor/actress. It happened to the 56 year old Jane McGarry over the weekend, when officers with the Dallas County arrested her over DWI suspicions.

According to local news, Jane McGarry was driving her Porsche on the Dallas North Tollway early Sunday around 1:30 a.m. It was around that time that officers saw her changing lanes without using the signal and decided to look into the matter closely.

Dallas Star Telegram reports that when officers saw Jane McGarry, the long time KXAS-TV news anchor, presented obvious signs of alcohol intoxications. The newspaper reports that Jane McGarry had bloodshot droopy eyes and “used a loud tone of voice when talking”.

The Morning News added that Jane McGarry also failed to pass additional sobriety tests, such as the standard “walk and turn” and staying in one leg. She is also said to have failed another standard test, reciting the alphabet.

The police report reads that Jane McGarry confessed to have had three glasses of wine, but she refused to pass a breath test. Thus, as the Dallas Morning News reports, officers subjected Jane McGarry to a blood test.

After the news about Jane McGarry’s arrest surged, NBC 5 management released a statement by Brian Hocker, vice president of programming for KXAS-TV. “NBC 5 station management is looking into the matter this evening and has no further comment” the Sunday evening statement read.

Since Jane McGarry didn’t make any comments regarding the early Sunday DWI arrest, there’s not much to explain her lack of sobriety. Good news is that the KXAS-TV news anchor doesn’t have any previous DWI offences on her record.

Jane McGarry is quite the celebrity in the world of Radio and Television. She got the “Personality of the Year” award four times by now, and also got a “Gracie” for the best woman anchor in the U.S.

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  1. my prayers also go out to Jane and that she keeps her job. If
    there is a problem then help her but not fire her.

  2. My heart goes out to Jane McGarry. I don’t condone drinking and driving, but I don’t think she does either. I think she learned a very valuable lesson, and luckily a life wasn’t lost or an injury occurred. Don’t you know she is being so much harder on herself than what any boss or court room could possibly be. She feels like she has let everyone down. Let her handle this privately and let her keep her job. She is the best newscaster out there. NBC 5 will not be our station if they let Jane McGarry go. Best Wishes Ms. McGarry

  3. Who hasn’t made a mistake? I think Jane McGarry should do whatever her job requires of her, apologize to the public then allow her to return to her seat where she belongs!! I think she is sweet and a good anchor woman. Please allow her to return.

  4. She did not urinate in her car, and she is humble enough to drive an older vehicle. Leave her alone you mindless numbskull heavens…

  5. Why is this news? This is no more news worthy than the stupid time spent on Dieon Sander’s divorce saga. With all the problems and tragic things happening in this world, this is KXAS idea of what is important to report? Give me a freakin break! These two stories won’t have an effect on my life one way or the other. For someone to threaten to stop watching your news if you fire an anchor for being arrested for DUI, REALLY, REALLY. How about I will stop watching because of you airing the stories.

  6. Really, Francis. Would you feel that way if she was a 16 yr old DUI, going the wrong way and hitting someone head-on?

  7. Seriously guys, have you ever talked to anyone that has encountered her? She is not the nice camera persona that she puts on. I’ve heard she is very, arrogant, condescending and demanding. She obviously thinks she is above the law! I’m just glad she didnt kill someone. All her supporters would be thinking quite different right now if they were making funeral arrangements for a loved one. Drinking and driving is NEVER ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hope she keeps her job, but also recognizes that she done wrong and needs to improve her way of socializing. God have mercy on her.

  9. francis stout – give me a break.
    she doesn’t condone drinking and driving? she was caught driving drunk at 5 in the morning for crying out loud!
    This should be a felony – it eventually will be – and she should pay just like anyone else pays.
    She WILL lose her job as she should, and I hope she realizes how lucky she is that she didn’t kill anyone.

  10. why is everyone saying she should be “let go” and she did no wrong? If this were me or anyone else, i would be chastised. Hope she goes to jail.

  11. Being a “TV personality” so-to-speak (according to some – rolling my eyes), doesn’t make drinking and driving (or any other CRIME) ok. She is still a citizen (just like the rest of us) and is still subject to the same laws. Mistake or not, she SHOULD be smart enough, and responsible enough, to CALL A CAB when she’s had too much to drink! Drinking and driving puts all of us in danger and there is absolutely no excuse for it EVER! She should also be smart enough to know that her “notoriaty” would put her on the “front pages” for any irresponsible wrong doing. Whether she’s famous, or infamous now, she should face the same consequences we would all have to face.

    I agree with Renata, though, this is NOT news worthy. If one of us got arrested last weekend for this, it wouldn’t be all over the news. So, here’s my advice.

    SHUT UP ABOUT IT AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE…just be thankful that her irresponsible actions didn’t cause harm to an innocent family.

    Ohhhh, and another note: She’s a news anchor — she reads a telepromter for a living for goodness sakes, big deal! So what if she gets paid well for doing it.


  12. why is this not on the evening news these people like to put everyone elses dirty laundry out for the public but when its some one in the media then its a different story there a bunch of a-holes

  13. Last time I saw Jane outside the Ch 5 newscast, was at the Ditto Golf Course where she had a home on one of the fairways. Many years ago when her
    Son was a toddler. He was in the back yard with no pants, so I jokingly yelled “put some pants on that boy”. An SNL famous quote comes to mind, “Jane, you ignorant slut”. May be unfair without the “rest of the story”. Comes with the territory.

  14. I hope the courts will see to it that she gets educated on alcoholism. Maybe some good will come from this. Glad she did not hurt anyone. Hope she does not get to buy her way out of this, statically she probably drives under the influence a lot.

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