An interesting portable drive, Sony HDD HB

Sony has released its new portable drive, called Sony HDD HB. This new drive is available at the price of 189 dollars for the 1TB version and 273 dollars for the 2TB version. This is not a cheap price, and the question is if Sony’s new portable drive is worth this amount of money. 

For starters, Sony HDD HB is lacking innovation and its design is pretty bulky, but at various tests, this hard drive did very well. The copy speed is approximately close to what the company promises to be. However, there are plenty other hard-drive-based portable drives out there on the market that offer this amount of speed and probably a much attractive design, at a cheaper price.

Still, the new Sony HDD HB doesn’t have a bad design and it also comes with one micro USB 3.0 port and one Thunderbolt port. Moreover, it also has a cable for each port included and under the hood it has a low-power standard laptop hard drive that spins at 5400 RPM. To be mentioned that Thunderbolt has a ceiling speed of approximately 10Gbps, but the performance ceiling of this device is 5Gbps, just around what USB 3.0 is offering. This means that it’s pretty much impossible for Sony HDD HB to reach the performance cap of Thunderbolt. From a performance perspective, these facts are making the inclusion of the standard largely useless.

To be added that Sony HDD HB is also compatible with USB 2.0 and the new Thunderbolt 2. This means that users can choose which port they want and they will enjoy a bus-powered experience. To be mentioned that a bus-powered drive needs only one cable for both power connections and data.

As for design, Sony HDD HB is pretty bulky and comes with a silicone casing option. This drive measures 3.5×1.12×5.9 inches, meaning that it is noticeably larger than any other drive on the market. When the silicon casing is on the drive, it measures 6.5×1.4×6.9 inches. With this kind of measures, users will have a though mission to carry it in the pocket.

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