An interesting device, Edyn Garden Sensor

This design comes like a present for garden enthusiasts. Being available at the price of 100 dollars, the new Edyn Garden Sensor is like a professional gardener that will provide soil information to its users via app.

This device is probably better than any other plant sensor on the market, because it also makes recommendations on nutrition levels, plant’s moisture levels, ambient light, humidity and temperature. Yes, these features are one step away from the competition. 

Edyn Garden Sensor works on both Android and iOS apps and it connects through Wi-Fi, meaning that users can check on their plants remotely. Moreover, this device also has a solar powered battery, which the company has declared that it lasts more than 2 years. 

However, Edyn Garden Sensor looks very pretty and it was designed by the famous Fuseproject firm under the guidance of Yves Behar. Even if it has some minuses at the moment, the good news about this device is that it could get better in the future. There are some strong signs that someday, this device will be one of the best garden sensors on the market. 

Edyn Garden Sensor comes with a solid hardware and the maters are almost accurate. At the moment, this device is not perfect and it has some lacks. The app, even if it’s easy to use and it’s beautiful, is a bit slow in both recommendations and responsiveness. Moreover, it lacks a number of the promised features that aren’t working at the moment and options for customization. However, this is not a crucial thing, because the company is working harder to make this app perfect and easy to use, without any problems. 

The new Edyn Garden Sensor makes a beautiful first impression and features a bright yellow squared top, which fits perfectly with sunflowers or blooming daises. On the top, users will find a squared solar panel and underneath, there is a button to turn on the device or check its status. After it is connected, users can place the device into the soil of their garden and let it go to work. 

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