An incredible fitness tracker, Microsoft Band 2

Last year, Microsoft has unveiled an ambitious fitness band that has also conquered the fitness track market. The original Microsoft Band had features like heart rate monitoring, the capability to load workouts on-band, sleep tracking activity, mini apps and notifications from the user’s smartphone. 

Well, Microsoft has released a new band this year, called Microsoft Band 2. This new band is available at the price of 250 dollars and promises to be better than the original model.

The new Microsoft Band 2 comes with an incredible design and homes new features compared with the previous model. So, this new fitness tracker has new features like improved UV and heart rate sensors, barometer for stair-climb counting and a much beautiful design with a curved OLED screen. 

Therefore, Microsoft Band 2 costs approximately 50 dollars more than the original model. Compared with other high-end bands, like Jawbone Up3 or Fitbit Charge HR, the new Microsoft Band 2 has made some important steps, but still remains under their performance. Even if it has new features that are very useful for owners, Microsoft Band 2 doesn’t have everything that it needs. Moreover, Microsoft didn’t improve some important facts, like battery life or automatic coaching. 

This doesn’t mean that Microsoft Band 2 is a bad fitness tracker, because it is not. This new band will definitely be a huge competitor on the market. With its new features, Microsoft Band 2 will be an interesting attraction for clients. 

So, what’s new on this band? Well, as it was earlier mentioned, Microsoft has improved the heart rate sensor, it added a barometer that tracks stair-climbing and the UV sensor has the ability to automatically measure that user’s exposure over time. As for design, Microsoft Band 2 comes with a softer, comfier and curved design. This means that the new fitness tracker is much comfortable to use. 

There is also a curved screen on top that comes with a chunky metal clasp situated on the bottom that will protect the screen from scratches. The new Microsoft Band 2 was designed to stay on the user’s wrist all the time for tracking steps, heart rate, estimated calorie burn, stair climbing and sleep.

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