An excellent midpriced receiver called Denon AVR-S910W

Denon is one of the most famous brands when it comes to receivers or speakers. Over the years, this company offered a large variety of models that suit larger and smaller budgets. The new Denon AVR-S910W has been launched these days and promises to satisfy all clients’ needs. 

The new receiver will be placed in the middle of the price range and comes with an incredible performance, including the features that most customers are looking for, like compatibility with 4K video sources, the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround formats and of course, Bluetooth wireless audio.

So, compared with many other receivers on the market, the new Denon AVR-S910W works perfectly with movies, even better than with music. This new receiver offers an incredible openness to its sound that not even the most priced receivers on the market can match. 

However, users will have to be careful at speaker matching, because this receiver can be too bright for some models. Moving forward, its design is like any other receiver on the market, a big black box that homes several buttons in the front. For clients to recognize the brand, they need to read the brand name that sits in the left corner of the receiver. 

However, although Denon’s receivers have come through multiple design changes over the last few years, they still look like receivers from 10 years ago. This is not a bad thing, because Denon has a simple and elegant design that will fit any living room. Therefore, on the front of the receiver, users will see four source shortcut buttons and many other functions. The traditional volume is now situated on the right, while the rest of the sources, including the knob to select, are placed on the left. The display is situated in the middle and there is also a blue LED that indicates the input and DTS or Dolby soundtracks.

Denon’s remote control is similar to the one of sister-company Marantz. This means that it comes with a simplified layout and it is user-friendly, offering colored buttons. Compared with many other remote controls that Denon has offered over the years, this one is a joy to use. 

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