Amazon Echo, a smarter wireless speaker

Alexa is the voice behind Amazon’s Echo. This device is a voice-activated, cloud-connected wireless speaker, which is able to answer users’ questions and talk back to them. Alexa is more like a personal assistant, unfortunately, she’s kind of limited in capabilities for now, but she’s improving with age. However, this personal assistant has some nifty tricks up her sleeve. 

Stepping back in history, Amazon has launched this Bluetooth speaker in November 2014, at the price of 199 dollars. However, an Amazon Prim member was able to request an invite to buy the Echo at the price of 99 dollars in its launch phase. 

Back then, Echo was just a beta product, but for the price of 99 dollars, it was a great deal. With this occasion, Amazon was able to test Echo, receiving feedback from thousands of consumers and enhancing the voice recognition capabilities, as well as adding features. After this experience, Amazon is now ready to sell the Echo with no invite required. The only problem is that now, the 99 dollar beta-tester price is no longer available, and customers will have to pay 180 dollars for the device. Probably, this price is no longer attractive, but it is worth mentioning that Echo is now a better product with more interesting features.

Echo could also be used to entertain children, because Alexa is a real source of entertainment. They can put a lot of questions and Alexa has no problem to respond with exact answers. To be said that despite its high price and a few imperfections, Echo is a likeable device that could be very useful in the house. This Bluetooth speaker is probably the best voice-controlled device on the market and it seems to do a better job of understating what users are saying, compared with Android’s Google Now, Wondow’s Cortana and iOS’s Siri. Alexa’s voice also sounds very natural, making her quite adorable. 

Echo comes with seven microphones emebedded in the top of its 9,25-inch-tall body. The speaker is available only in black for the moment, featuring a volume ring on the top and it lights up when somebody says “Alexa.”

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