All Eyes On HBO’s ‘Game Change’

For the Republican Party, the 2008 presidential elections will remain a nightmare. The media will continue to mock the mistakes made for a couple of more years to come. Joke or no joke the truth is that the 2008 presidential elections had a huge price for the two primary Republicans involved: John McCain and Sarah Palin. With all eyes on HBO’s new movie called “Game Change”, everyone will get a taste of making bad choices in politics.

First of all, HBO’s “Game Change” does not depict the whole story of the 2008 Republican political saga. For Republicans, losing the elections and having Barack Obama as winner was surely a tragedy. The movie will surely bring along for many of them a bitter taste of the drama they went through.

Woody Harrelson plays Steve Schmidt, McCain’s senior political advisor, and Julianne Moore plays Sarah Palin, the one that was to some extent blamed by many for the failure of the Republican Party at the presidential elections. The movie itself is based on a book that tried to explain how selecting Sarah Palin to support McCain during the presidential bid is an example of political ineptitude.

The movie’s premiere took place Saturday night and everybody involved in its making say they’ve been completely drawn in by the story. Take for instance Julianne Moore. She took her part as Sarah Palin quite seriously and to be prepared for her performance she did a thorough research. “I felt that I had a tremendous responsibility to be as accurate as possible…I watched her reality show, I looked at everything. It was total immersion”, she said.

Screenwriter Danny Strong and director Jay Roach were behind this political drama. Strong said that from their point of view they told a true and accurate story. “It’s not even a partisan story. It’s not a story about Republicans, it’s not a story about Democrats. It’s a story about the process of how we elect our leaders”, added the screenwriter.

Sarah Palin was clear about her standing regarding her portrayal in the “Game Change”. From the beginning she disagreed with it and called it a “false narrative”. However one of Palin’s closer acquaintances told the media the movie was “true enough to make me squirm”.

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