Alienware Alpha comes with a huge library of PC games

If you are a gamer, great news have been revealed. Dell’s Alienware Alpha is one of the most shocking new computer releases of the year. And many potential buyers had a hard time to get used to the idea of a gaming desktop that looks like a game console. It was first seen back in 2013, when it was set to be the first big brand name behind Valve’s Steam Machine platform.

That PC-alternative platform led to some great discussions and rumors. A great lineup of friendly devices that ran Steam OS, an easier operating system for running the Steam game store, and a great and unique controller with concave touchpads trying to replace the analog sticks. Unfortunately, the Steam Machine platform will not be unveiled until at least 2015, due to a delay by Valve, reportedly of some problems with the controller.

Dell didn’t want to wait until the famous gaming company will resolve the problem and decided to launch Alienware Alpha, which features Windows 8. Instead of the experimental Steam controller, they released it with a wireless Xbox 360 controller, which still remains the PC gamepad standard. With a cost of around 500 dollars, the idea of this console is to be next to your game consoles and have access to a large library of games and also a better hardware. All of this at about the same price as a console. Alienware Alpha entered the US market with the price of 549 dollars, while Xbox is down to 399 dollars.

Its design makes you think at first that this is a console. It is a small square box that has a power button in the front, an HDMI output and a few front and back USB ports. You cannot open it like a standard desktop PC and it is tinker with the components inside. The base model that you will find on the market comes with an Intel Core i3 CPU, 4 GB or Ram, a custom NVidia GPU, based on the famous GeForce 860M and a 500 GB hard drive.

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