Alex Kibkalo Pleads Guilty

Alex Kibkalo decided to plead guilty to the charges involving the theft of Windows 8 trade secrets. Alex Kibkalo actually reached a plea deal with prosecutors, which naturally supposed him to be plead guilty. 

Alex Kibkalo is a former senior architect at Microsoft. Kibkalo was arrested in March, after it has been found that he had stolen pre-release information about Windows 8 RT and the Activation Server Software Development Kit. Kibkalo leaked this information to a blogger, it has been said. 

Alex Kibkalo made his court appearance in March. Even though he agreed with the terms of the prosecutors and entered this deal, it seems that he will still have to do time in jail. However, this will be a minimal amount of time. So, Kibkalo will only spent three months in jail. 

The former employee of Microsoft will also have to pay the company the sum of $22,500. Alex Kibkalo will remain in jail until this happens. He will be kept in federal custody, it has been reported. The man is guilty, so there is no wonder that he accepted these terms. 

It seems that the case was internally investigated by Microsoft, immediately after it has been discovered that a blogger entered into the possession of some confidential information. Steven Sinofsky was the first to find out about this situation. The internal investigation reached the conclusion that Kibkalo was the one who leaked the information outside Microsoft. 

Microsoft has been in the middle of a scandal, as the company has accessed the email of an user, with the purpose to protect its own interests linked to this case. The controversy on violating users’ privacy has actually determined Microsoft change its policy. Google has also been in a similar scandal, having the same privacy settings such as Microsoft. 

Until the new change, Micosoft had the right to check email accounts in case they had any reasons to suspect that there might be a type of illegal activity linked to that account. Now, Microsoft will not interfere at first, the case being passed to law enforcement before the intervention of the company. 

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