Alcohol Traces Found In Coca-Cola And Pepsi

The more researchers look into the food and beverage industry the more it becomes clear the manufacturing process isn’t exactly so bullet-proof companies like to advertise. A recent study by the National Institute of Consumption in Paris found alcohol traces in Coca-Cola and Pepsi, but other popular sodas too.

Every popular soda’s recipe must be secret, but no other company is so keen on keeping the ingredients away from the public’s knowledge than Coca-Cola. Earlier this year the company was hit with charges that the ingredient it used to give the drink’s caramel-like color was carcinogenic. Now that alcohol traces were found in its beverage too, the company said it will change its recipe for the sodas sold in the U.S. market.

Although you’ll have to consume a few hundred soda cans to get drunk on the alcohol they contain, the research draws attention to those “special” ingredients you might not expect to find in a soda. Coca-Cola admitted on its website for some time now it is possible that its products might have alcohol, but only because “trace levels of alcohol can occur naturally in many foods and beverages”.

The French research published in “60 Millions de Consommateurs” magazine reads that half of all the Coca-Cola products have been found to have “less than 10 mg of ethanol per liter, or 0,001 percent”. Michel Pepin, scientific director at Coca-Cola France, told Channels TV there is a chance the “alcohol traces come from the process of making our drink according to its secret recipe”. He indicated the alcohol traces might have been a result of the natural fruit fermenting process.

Again, that “secret recipe”. Last year, “This American Life” had a whole show talking about Coca-Cola’s recipe and that some decades ago alcohol was on the list of ingredients. The radio show based its claim on a photo of the original Coca-Cola recipe, belonging to the Coke inventor John Pemberton. The picture dating back to 1979 listed alcohol as one of the main ingredients responsible for Coca-Cola’s particular flavor.

So, on top of the huge quantity of sugar and the use of the caramel color carcinogenic ingredient, put alcohol on the list of ingredients your Coke has.

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