Adobe’s Creative Cloud Receives Negative Reviews

A recent survey realized by CNET shows that clients are more inclined to bring negative reviews to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The discovery was made after asking 197 respondents two weeks ago. The main conclusion of the poll was that people think the new product is too expensive for the services it offers.

Creative Cloud is a software subscription that Adobe has recently released on the market. The product is available in exchange of $600 per year for individual use and $840 per year for corporate users. The percentage of negative reviews was far bigger than the positive ones. Based on the provided answers, 41 percent respondents declared that they did not like the product in comparison with 32 percent who found it useful. In addition, 62 percent people confessed that they would not buy the product because they find it too expensive, whereas only 27 percent felt positive about it.

Analysts at CNET were not satisfied with the answers provided by their respondents because they wanted to determine the exact reasons why people don’t want to buy Creative Cloud. Thus, they asked several respondents to justify their negative reviews. One respondent told analysts that he doesn’t want to rent his software because he is afraid that Adobe might go bankrupt. Another person declared that his Adobe costs per year were a lot smaller with the previous versions; therefore, he will refrain from purchasing Creative Cloud. Despite these negative reviews, some people think the product is worth the money because it can bring a lot of advantages to businesses.

Adobe, on the other hand, doesn’t want to disappoint its customers. The company has released a statement explaining the use of Creative Cloud. According to their declarations, the new software has a specific use like many products in the Creative Suite. The company further stated that people will become aware of the value of Creative Cloud after they test it. However, the Creative Suite will still be available on the market, so customer who enjoyed it will be able to purchase it in the future, as well.

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