Adblock Plus reveals Ad-Blocking Browser for Android

Users who are tired of advertisements that fill up the browser page of Android are getting now a new solution to get rid of them. Adblock Plus has released today the new Adblock Browser. “As people have embraced the mobile Web, advertisers have rushed in after them and destroyed the user experience with ads that are often thoughtlessly designed, as well as mobile ad networks that are riddled with security holes,” has declared Till Faida, the co-founder of Adblock Plus.

This new browser promises to patch those holes, save battery life and block intrusive ads. To be mentioned that loading ads can consume more than 24 percent of the user’s phone’s battery life and some of them are infected with malware. Adblock has also developed an app for Android, but unfortunately it was removed from Google Play in 2013, alongside a high number of other ad-blocking apps. The advertisements blocking app managed to block ads over HTTP connections, which is not so important because the Web moved over to HTTPS connections. That’s why the company has decided to go on the browser route. 

The new browser is based on Firefox for Android. “Mozilla’s openness is what made Adblock Plus possible in the first place. And since we have to bet on one platform, we decided to bet on Firefox,” has declared Adblock’s lead developer, Felix Dahlke. However, the app already has an extension for Firefox for Android, but it is said that it is limited in how it can be implemented on mobile. “Building our own browser gives us a lot more freedom to integrate adblocking as a first class feature that’s easy to understand and configure,” Felix Dahlke continued. “Adblock Browser for Android puts the control back into users’ hands,” Faida went on to say. “A complete Android browser app is a natural progression for us.” The company also declared that an iOS version will be released soon.

Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Android and Opera users can tap into the software to curb Facebook advertisements across the Web. It is important to know that Web users who are tired of advertisements can always allow Adblock Browser to display non-intrusive ads.

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