Acura Recalls 43,000 Cars for Seat Belt Issue

Acura decided to recall no less than 43,000 vehicles. It has been revealed that these cars experience a seat belt issue and they need to undergo the mandatory repairs for safety. 

The car maker, owned by Honda, will replace the front seat belts, it has been revealed. According to the famous company, at low temperatures, below zero degrees Fahrenheit, the seat belts might not release. The recall was issued to replace both front seat belts. The car maker revealed that no injuries have been reported so far, linked to this issue. 

The recall was officially announced by Acura on Sunday. It includes 7,000 2014 RLX and 36,000 2014 and 2015 MDX models. Naturally, all car owners who have vehicles that fall under this recall will be notified. Acura will start noticing all vehicle owners in late October. Once receiving the notification, owners will have to take their vehicles to authorized dealers as fast as possible. 

There are no complains linked to the issue at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, so Acura reacted as fast as possible when discovering the problem. Safety is extremely important and car makers have to make sure that their vehicles are as safe as possible in all conditions.

Actually, Chris Martin, a spokesman for Honda, claimed that the company’s decision to make this recall came due to the worry that people may try to drive without wearing a seat belt. Naturally, this can turn out dangerous, mostly in the prospect of a car crash. 

Chris Martin also revealed that the seat belt problem was first discovered outside the United States. It has not become an issue in this country, at least for now. 

Car makers are extremely interested in making sure that their vehicles are safe for all owners. Naturally, each car maker in the US has learned something from the experience of General Motors. Due to the ignition switches problem, General Motors has been in the middle of a huge scandal, also receiving a record fine. Numerous other car makers announced recalls this year, the number of recalled vehicles for 2014 actually managing to set a new record. 

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