Acer Revo One, a nice living room desktop

Small desktop PCs are starting to gain popularity, thanks to systems such as Intel’s Compute Stick and HP’s Pavilion Mini. Along with other famous brands like Apple’s Mac Mini, these computers are offering an aesthetic minimalist looking and are perfect for watching movies, listening to music, browsing the Web or for users who want a system that can connect to a big screen TV. However, these small desktop PCs can do much more than a basic streaming media box.

Those streaming media boxes manage to keep media center PCs in the shadow for the past several years, because for under 100 dollars, devices like Amazon Fire TV or Roku can bring Hulu and Netflix on every person’s living room.

That is why, a media center PC, has to do more to stand out, especially at the price of 300 to 600 dollars. Looks like the Acer Revo One wants to be both a full-function desktop and a media streamer. It comes in a small white plastic box with gently round corners and glossy finish that is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and will fit well next to a desktop monitor or a TV set. 

This small computer starts at the price of 249 dollars and can go up to 579 dollars. The entry level models are featuring Intel Celeron processors and 80GB solid state drives and the more expensive ones are equipped with Intel Core i3 and i5 processors and 1TB hard drive. To be mentioned that the faster processors are important for users who are planning to watch a lot of 4K video or use the PC for more intense work than video streaming or websurfing.

This price will be for Acer Revo One on the same range as HP Pavilion Mini and Apple’s Mac Mini. The 500 dollars Apple Mac Mini comes with a similar Core i5 CPU and a 500GB hard drive. On the other side, HP Mini comes at the price of 440 dollars and offers a configuration with an Intel Core i3 CPU and 1TB hard drive. 

Acer Revo One combines the higher-end specs of both and offers a Core i5 CPU, 1TB hard drive and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

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