According to Allen West, 80 House Democrats Are Communists

Most right wing politicians, as controversial and provocateur as they try to be, cannot close in to Allen West so easily. As November’s elections are literally just around the corner, Republicans are growing increasingly impatient and take their comments up a notch. Allen West’s recent comments that 80 House Democrats are communists or that Obama supporters represents a “threat to the gene pool” are most probably just the beginning of an ugly political clash.

On Tuesday, at a town hall event, Republican Allen West began telling people he had heard that about 80 House Democrats are communists, not only by policy or personal belief, but they are actual members of the Communist Party. Just like someone who knows the truth, West put on a show that would disclaim him from any false allegations, but didn’t failed to challenge a bit the White House administration saying:

“I really wish that standing here before you was Allen West and President Obama. We could have a simple discussion. But that ain’t ever gonna happen (…) Cuz he was too scared!”

Allen West’s campaign manager Tim Edson tried to save what could be saved, but wasn’t exactly successful. Edson pointed out that West stands by his comments, as the Democrats involved are “clearly people who oppose capitalism and free markets and individual economic freedom”. Edson also made an argument that some Democrats have made travels to Communist Cuba and have even praised Fidel Castro.

But other members in the Congress, such as CPC co-chairmen Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva accused Allen West of going back to the time of Sen. Joe McCarthy as he is “denigrating the millions of Americans who voted to elect Congressional Progressive Caucus members, and he is ignoring the oath they took to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution”.

The Washington Post wrote that Allen West’s recent comments make the No. 41 position in the list of reasons why “Rep. Allen West (R-Fla) won’t be the GOP’s vice presidential nominee”. The truth is that West’s previous comments present him as a liability within GOP. He once said that Congressional Democrats should “get the hell out”, or that Joseph Goebbels would be “very proud of the Democrat party” for their “incredible propaganda machine”.

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1 Comment

  1. Obama supporters represent a “threat to the gene pool”
    — Yes, this is true, the real and present danger!
    Half of my life I lived under a socialist government. I never thought I’d see again the ghosts of the past. It always starts with promise of fair share and equal opportunities. It always ends with no share, no opportunities for anyone… except for the puppet masters. Suppression of any dissent, control of media, lies and propaganda under a thin disguise. Did you see much of the promised transparency from Obama? Can you even count the FOYA lawsuits filed against this administration?
    It looks that history was completely wiped out from the books in favor of political correctness and sugar water.
    Finally, back to the question on hands – Van Jones, the former green tsar was a self-admitted Communist. There’s no point in digging into others, just listening to what some lids say should send shivers down the spine of any normal being.
    I was a left-leaning independent for years, by the way…

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