A new Smart Thermostat: the Hive 2

The Hive 2 is considered to be the latest smart thermostat that has been released by British Gas. Compared with its predecessor, the Hive 2 comes with some interesting features, like allowing users to control their hot water and home heating using an app on their personal smartphones.

The new app comes with a better design, some new features and interchangeable colorful shells. Moreover, this app provides better flexibility over scheduling heating during the entire day and allows users to give a quick heat boost to the house. 

The new Hive 2 is available at the price of 249 dollars, meaning that it is only 50 dollars more expensive than the previous model. To be mentioned that the Hive also comes with the exact same price as its greatest rival, Nest. For users who already own the original Hive, the company will offer an upgrade to the Hive 2 at the price of 99 dollars, including installation.

However, users will can also install the device themselves, but installation by a British Gas engineer is also included in the price. Moreover, the installations will began from the start of August and people interested in getting the Hive 2 will not necessary have to be a British Gas customer.

The Hive 2 comes with a way better design compared with the original model. The company has decided to replace the LCD display and the plain white plastic with a modern-looking design. To be said that the design was made by industrial designer Yves Behar, who is also the creator of the One Laptop Per Child scheme.

The Hive 2 was designed with a mirrored finish, helping it to blend in. Moreover, the colored bands placed on the edges are interchangeable, allowing users to choose the tone most suited to their decorations. The Hive 2 is without a doubt one of the best looking smart thermostats on the market. With this new device, the company is probably one of the most significant rivals of the Nest thermostat. 

The Hive 2 runs on four AA batteries and for replacing them, the thermostat can be easily be removed from the wall.

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