A new sleep tracker, Beddit Sleep Monitor Classic

Well, it looks like a new sleep tracker is available on the market, named Beddit Sleep Monitor Classic. This new sleep tracker is a little bit different and special, because it doesn’t come on the user’s wrist and it doesn’t need to be placed on a night table. No, Beddit Sleep Monitor Classic rests on the user’s bed. This interesting and unique sleep tracker is available at the price of 199 dollars.

Beddit Sleep Monitor Classic is a little bit different than any other tracker on the market and needs to be placed directly on top of a mattress. This way, Beddit Sleep Monitor Classic will be able to analyze the owner’s sleep at night. To be mentioned that users will not need any other wearable, for example a wristband, because Beddit is completely wireless.

This sleep tracker is very interesting and its tracking abilities are pretty amazing. Beddit is able to record a huge amount of data, but it also has some flaws. To be added that on the market there are two Beddit products. The first is the Monitor Classic that comes at 119 dollars and the second one is Sleep Monitor Smart available at 150 dollars.

Moreover, these two Beddit products look pretty much identical and function the same way, but the Smart version can automatically track the user’s sleep, while the first model must be put manually into sleep mode each night. The Beddit sensor is not very large and it can be compared with a normal piece of duct tape. However, this band can do more than any other sleep tracker on the market and it is capable of measuring respiration rate, total sleep time, resting heart rate and how the owner fell asleep. Moreover, this band shows how many times the user got up or the amount of deep sleep achieved. 

The new Beddit Sleep Monitor Classic can be paired with both Android and iPhone devices over Bluetooth. Installing this sleeping tracker is pretty easy, users need to lay the tape across their bed and plug it into the wall outlet. When it’s time for bed, they need to enable sleep mode through their mobile app and in a couple of seconds, the tracker will be ready for use.

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