A new radar detector, Escort Passport Max 2

Almost two years have passed since Escort has released the Escort Passport Max radar detector. That model was really impressing due to its detection capability. Well, it looks like these days they have released a new model called Escort Passport Max 2, which has some new features added.

This new radar detector comes with an integrating Bluetooth connectivity. Escort Passport Max 2 is unchanged in size, compared with the previous model and measures 1.3 by 3.2 by 5.3 inches. This means that this radar detector is much thicker compared with average smartphones. 

Escort Passport Max 2 is able to read X, K and Ka band radar and it also has a small nodule on top of the unit that is able to detect laser signals. At the back end of the device, there is located a narrow OLED display that shows users radar hits with signal strength, their own speed and the current speed limit.

Across the top there are a few buttons that allows users to change the detector’s volume, mark location and set the detection mode. Escort Passport Max 2 comes with a 12-bolt power cord that plugs into the side and includes buttons for some basic functions and drapes down the middle of the dashboard to a power point.

Escort Passport Max 2 also has an app that includes crowdsourced data, map locations for radar hits and red-light cameras. This app also allow users to report speedtrap locations, so other drivers know about them. This new radar detector is easy to install and owners only need to stick the suction-cup mount to the windshield and insert the power cord into the car’s power point. After that, they need to install the Escort Live app into their Android or iOS devices and make an account.

Escort Passport Max 2 comes at the price of 599 dollars, which probably makes it the most expensive radar detector on the market. However, this device will probably save users from many speeding tickets, so it will justify its price. Escort Passport Max 2 offers good detection capability and also comes with a modern touch app.

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