A new curved player called Samsung BD-J5900

This year, the Blu-ray player market has been attacked from several directions, including the approach of a brand new 4K disk format and streaming apps.

Moreover, the sales of Blu-ray discs have fallen approximately 10 percent compared with last year. What is sad is that their sales don’t show any signs of recovering.

However, at the moment, these players are very inexpensive and the discs also. This is good news for movie fans, especially for those who appreciate Blu-ray’s superior image quality. To be added that compared with Netflix’s ever-morphing collection, the movies that are on the disc can remain for life. 

Despite the market statistics, Samsung has released another Blu-ray player, called BD-J5900. Without a doubt, Samsung is the preeminent example of the modern Blu-ray player. This new model comes with some incredible features and loads disc quickly.

Moreover, it offers incredible picture quality and comes with a decent selection of streaming apps. However, customers will have to choose, because if they want something to spin discs, they will certainly buy a Blu-ray player, but if they want an excellent streamer, they will opt for a Roku.

The new Samsung BD-J5900 also has some serious competition on the market, because Sony has an incredible Blu-ray player, called BDP-S5500. Probably, Sony is one step forward, because it has a better mix of features and a better usability. To be added that Sony also offers the ability to stream games. As for Samsung’s design, this is a little odd. It comes with a curved shape and striped sides, looking a little bit strange. Probably, customers will be asking themselves why it has a curved shape, well, because it will fit curved TVs and soundbars.

Probably, the bad part is that this Blu-ray player doesn’t have any kind of display. Not even a light to tell users whether it’s on or off. Moreover, it has only two buttons placed on the front: Power and Play. However, the onscreen interface is very attractive and features links to all of the pertinent services. The navigation is user-friendly and users will have the possibility to add shortcuts to their favorite streaming services.

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