A new camera on the market: Flir FX

Available at the price of 200 dollars, Flir FX is a direct competitor to Netatmo Welcome, Nest Cam, Piper and Samsung SmartCam HD pro.

Since these 200 dollars cameras are considered to be high-end devices and the market is rapidly growing, these companies are under a massive pressure to deliver cameras great both in terms of advanced features and of HD video quality. However, Flir FX doesn’t come with third-party smart-home integrations like SmartThings and IFTTT, but it has some interesting features and lots of options.

For starters, Flir FX is coming packed with HD video streaming and recording, a microSD card slot for storage, detection zones, free two-day cloud storage, a time-lapse video of the day’s events, four-hour battery backup, optional accessories that convert the indoor camera into an action camera or an outdoor security camera.

However, this camera also suffered from frequent phantom alerts, significant lag times between receiving sound alerts and motion and in-app glitches that returned erroneous error messages. Even so, Flir FX is a great camera that is considered to be a perfect device if customers are searching for a portable security camera.

Flir FX offers 720p video streaming and 1080p video recording, along with optional cloud services and free recording to a microSD card. To be mentioned that the card is not included, meaning the users will have to buy one separately. 

However, to be said that this camera supports sizes ranging from 8 to 64GB, which is a good thing. Flir’s basic cloud subscription will offer to users an unlimited storage for up to two days and access to detection zone and video time-lapse features. Even so, seven-day storage comes with the price of 10 dollars per month or 100 dollars for those who opt for a year. It also has a 30-day storage that costs 20 per month or 200 dollars per year.

Flir FX is probably the single camera on the market that offers both local and cloud storage options. No doubt that these days there is a lot of action in the DIY security camera market, and every company is trying to offer impressive features and options. The question is, which of these cameras is the best in terms of quality and features?

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