A luxury coffee maker called Krups EA9010

Having at home a coffee maker that makes a good-quality espresso is not something easy to do. Every customer is probably in search of a good-quality espresso maker that will make a decent cup of coffee every morning. 

Unfortunately, this machine is hard to find and the best ones are commonly coming at a high price. The same problem was met with the new Krups EA9010.

This new espresso maker is available for the price of 2,500 dollars, which is a huge price, especially for those who have a small budget. However, at this price range, the new Krups EA9010 makes an incredible cup of coffee.

The new Krups EA9010 is considered to be a deluxe super-automatic machine that has the ability to make an incredible shot of straight espresso. Therefore, the new machine will grind its own bens, it has a built in burr grinder and also froths and steams milk. 

However, for those who are not espresso fans, this new machine also has a larger library of coffees, like cappuccinos, lattes or flat whites. All these type of coffees can be made by a push of a button. Another interesting thing about the new Krups EA9010 is that it services itself regularly, so users will not have to worry about that. 

As for design, the new Krups EA9010 is very decent, having some interesting features, including a larger display. So, besides the glowing light or the protruding parts, this coffee machine is made out from premium materials. Of course, at the price of 2,500 dollars, this thing has to be obvious. However, there are no fancy features that will pop up, meaning that this coffee machine is pretty decent and will fit perfectly in any kitchen. Probably, the only thing that will attract the attention is the color LCD touchscreen, which customers will not see at any coffee maker. Yes, the color LCD touchscreen is situated at the center of the machine, where users can choose their coffee type. 

So, for customers who are willing to spend 2,500 dollars for a coffee maker, the new Krups EA9010 can be recommended. 

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