A futuristic device, called Myo

Can a device control devices and interfaces with hand gestures? Well, this thing will come to reality thanks to this new device called Myo. Probably, many companies showed something similar to the “Iron Man” movie, but none of those devices were available on the market.

However, customers could also be familiar with the Kinect sensor from the Microsoft, allowing them to navigate the interface of the Xbox One. Another similar device is Leap Motion, which offers similar gesture capabilities on Mac or Windows computers. 

However, these two devices have a common problem, because they are unable to read the user’s hand motions if they move away from the sensor.

This happens because Kinect and Leap Motion use camera to identify gestures. Well, a Canadian company, called Thalmic Labs came up with something unique, a Myo armband. This armband uses low-energy Bluetooth and a collection of sensors to read the muscle movements, rather than a camera. This means that Myo is able to recognize wrist turns, pinches and other hand motions that will be translated on the user’s smartphone or computer. 

Moreover, Myo can be used for controlling PowerPoint, Netlifx or even Spotify. This new device will definitely change the control over many devices. Myo costs approximately 199 dollars, which is more than double the Leap Motion and approximately 60 dollars more than the Kinect. As for the design, this armband looks very futuristic, but it is comfortable to wear and most important, it doesn’t leave marks on the arm. 

Myo is made up from eight rectangular blocks that are tied together with a rubber casing. However, the most important part is what’s behind these blocks, because each contains what Myo calls a “medical-grade” stainless-steel electromyography sensor. Yes, it seems to be rocket science, but it turns out that these sensors read the electric impulses in the muscles of the user’s forearm. To be mentioned that Myo’s battery lasts a full day on continous use and it will be charged trough a standard Micro-USB cable. Myo will definitely revolutionize the market and it will change the control over devices. Yes, it surely needs to be tried out. 

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