A five dollar computer

Now, everyone in the world will have the chance to own a computer. So, instead of buying a bottle of soup of a bag of chips, customers will be able to buy a computer. Isn’t this great? A five dollar computer will be a great opportunity for everyone to own such a device.

In other words, this could mean that at the market, when customers are waiting for a five dollar change after they did their shopping, they might go ask for a computer instead. So, here is the new Raspberry Pi Zero, the world’s cheapest computer. Probably, everyone will be interested in this new device, as it will definitely be affordable for everyone. 

However, an interesting story is flying around the new Raspberry Pi Zero. So, this computer was originally supposed to cost around 60 dollars, but after the Raspberry Pi Foundation founder, Eben Upton, had a meeting in January 2013 with Google chairman Eric Schmidt, things had changed. Why? Because Google had recently awarded a 1 million dollar grant to Raspberry Pi. He made this donation, so that the Raspberry Pi Foundation could distribute 15,000 units to schoolchildren. 

During that period, Eric Schmidt was curious to know what the foundation was working on next, and Eben Upton said that they were thinking about making the Raspberry Pi a little bit more expensive, somewhere around 60 dollars, but also a bit more powerful. Eric Schmidt said that this is not a good idea, because this company should aim to an even cheaper computer. “He said it was very hard to compete with cheap. He made a very compelling case. It was a life-changing conversation,” Eben Upton claimed. He also said that it’s conversation with Google’s chairman was a life-changing conversation. 

So, the new Raspberry Pi Zero consists of a 5 mm-deep circuit board and comes with a Broadcom microprocessor at 1GHZ, accompanied by 512MB of onboard RAM. It also has sockets that allow users to plug in a mouse, keyboard and monitors. Moreover, there is a USB data port and sockets for video and power. To be added that Raspberry Pi Zero also has a socket for Wi-Fi dongle. 

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