A fast portable drive called Akitio Palm RAID

The new Akitio Palm RAID is compact enough to fit into everyone’s hand and it probably delivers the fastest sustained read speed on the market, approximately 500MB/s.

The new Akitio Palm RAID is an impressive portable drive that also comes with an integrated Thunderbolt cable, which turns out to be very useful. 

However, this device hides another surprise for its customers and that is the two solid-state drives on the inside.

So, the new Akitio Palm RAID can work in either a RAID 0 or a RAID 1 setup. The new Akitio Palm RAID is available at the price of 600 dollars for 512GB of storage space. This portable drive is probably the most expensive SSD on the market, but its write speed is far from the best. 

Probably, its main flaw is its only one-year warranty, which is pretty short for a drive at this amount of money. However, customers who are searching for a super-fast portable drive and super compact, the Palm RAID is the right choice for them.

It is very important for customers to know that they need a computer or laptop that supports the Thunderbolt connection. 

To be added that there are other competitors on the market that do not come with a Thunderbolt option and are really fast, for example LaCIe Rugger All-Terrain. This portable drive isn’t as compact as Akitio Palm RAID, but it has similar performance and costs approximately 170 dollars less and works with USB.

As it was mentioned earlier, the new Akitio Palm RAID comes with an ultracompact design that has support for RAID configurations. This portable drive measures 4.72×3.11x.0.55 inches and weighs approximately 7 ounces. 

Akitio Palm RAID is probably the most compact device on the market that houses two internal drives. So, this drive houses two 256GB mSATA solid-state drives, also known as SSDs. Unfortunately, this portable drive is not water-resistant, because it has a few openings that will allow water or dust to enter and make contact with circuit board and other internal drives.

Akitio Palm RAID comes with an integrated Thunderbolt cable, meaning that users will not have to buy a separate Thunderbolt cable. 

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