“A Baby Bruce Willis” Makes Internet Sensation After Surviving Open Heart Surgery

The Lowell Sun reports that Joey Powling Jr., a three-month-old child nicknamed “a baby Bruce Willis”, has become an Internet sensation after surviving an open heart surgery. The boy was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot and was forced to undergo various medical treatments since his birth in July.

Joey Powling Jr. was born in July 2012 and spent most of his time in hospital due to a severe heart disease he is suffering from. The boy was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot before he was born, so doctors knew they would have to perform a surgical intervention on him. Despite the open heart surgery, Joey proved the world he is a though little man in a recent photo that was posted on various social networks.

His mother, Sarah Powling, wanted to take a picture of the boy a few days after the surgery. Even though his belly is covered with a long scar, Joey turned towards his mother and smiled just as she was taking the picture. The photo made a strong impression on Internet users, who started calling Joey “ridiculously good-looking surgery baby” and “a baby Bruce Willis”. They shared the image on various websites, thus, helping the boy become an Internet sensation with more than one million people describing him as “cute”.

The family is glad the surgery went well even though they are aware they will probably have to overcome many similar problems in the future. Joey’s uncle, Matt Tassone was the first to post the picture on Reddit telling his followers that his nephew will impress many girls when he grows up. “Chicks dig scars, right?” he wrote.

The Powlings knew their son is cute, but they never expected him to melt everyone’s hearts with his smile. They are, nevertheless, glad that the picture was shared by so many people because they could thus help raise awareness about Tetralogy of Fallot. Most children, who are diagnosed with this affection, have to undergo surgical intervention in the first six months and continue to follow medical treatment all their lives.

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