7th Annual Second Life Community Convention to be held in Oakland, California

The MediaSyndicate announced on July 2, that the 7th Annual Second Life Community Convention will be held in on August 12 – 14, 2011, at the Oakland Marriott City Center in California.

What to expect
This year, the Second Life users will have the opportunity of sharing their experience, build friendships and discuss the 3D virtual community in a common forum in about six weeks from now. Organized Donna Meyer believes that the virtual experience should be sustained by a real experience between the Second Life “residents”: “While we all value our experiences in the virtual world, SLCC allows us to meet each other in person, share meals together, learn from one another, and celebrate the abundant creativity that Second Life makes possible.” Organizer Chris Collins mentions the changing in the number of the conference tracks and its purpose: “This year we’ve reduced the conference tracks in the hopes that broader overall categories will help us better learn from each other.” This year’s tracks are related to how people use Second life: from creative expression to marketing, to public service and so on.

If you want to be a part of the convention, you can access the Convention’s website and find out more on the content of the convention, the registration, the sponsorship and the volunteering opportunities. The registration is at a regular price of 300 dollars and it includes access to the convention content, the lunches, the exhibits and free internet access in the convention’s space during the days of the convention. You can benefit from a lower price if you register early. The Early-Bird Registration is available through June 30th for $250. After that, the price goes up to 275 and finally, after July 22, you will pay the full price.

Second Life is a 3D community that was created in 2003. It now has over 1.4 million users. The network offers the possibility of interacting with other people in a virtual 3D world, where you develop as a virtual person. The users come from different professional fields, such as economy, medicine, education and more.

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