60,000 dollar gold cell phone released: AE+Y

Danish luxury retailer Aesir released a limited edition cell phone made of real gold, which will be priced at 42,000 euros (about 60,000 dollars), Yahoo! News reports. The device is said to be more shiny than smart though, so don’t expect the highest performance from it. It is a jewel before being a technological device.

Rich people who love jewels and like to show off, have one more thing to put on their shopping list: the new AE+Y phone. The device is conceived for the super-rich, who also wear 60,000 dollar watches, 60,000 dollar jewels and maybe 60,000 dollar monthly worth house staff. Which celebrities you think will get one?

The AE+Y phone has a handset made of pure 18-carat solid gold. But that is, by far, the highest quality it has. Its modest features don’t recommend it for this century. It does not have any applications, no e-mail and no mobile internet. It has an LCD screen measuring 2 inches and its battery can handle 5 hours of talking. Just to make a quick (and, actually, inappropriate) comparison, Apple’s iPhone 4 can last up to 14 hours when working on it and  Droid Bionic only 11 hours. The inappropriate comparison comes from the fact that the products are about as far as it gets from being in the same product category. The only thing they have in common it the fact that they ring and you can reach people by clicking on some buttons. But when you are thinking AE+Y, don’t think speed dial or call forwarding.

As we tried to explain it before, the luxury gold cell phone is a jewel, not an IT miracle. It stands out through materials used and design. And, of course, the price. And for those who like the way it looks, but cannot afford to pay that much, Aesir has made a cheaper version of the phone, but replaced the gold with stainless steel. And that brought them to 10,000 dollars per piece.

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