223-Year-Old Constitution And Bill Of Rights Copies To Be Auctioned

One thing is for sure, the auction business is thriving. The more uncommon the items on sale, the more people are expected to place a bid. Next week, 223-year-old Constitution and Bill of Rights copies will be auctioned.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights copies to be auctioned next week aren’t just any ordinary copies. The special twist to the auction is that the copies belong to George Washington himself. The 223-year-old copies are expected to bring in some $3 million in the June 22 auction.

It’s easy to understand why the seller and the auction house expect so much out of the two 223-year-old copies. Not only are the items the personal copies of George Washington, but one is dated back to 1789 and both have his notes and even signature. For an historian the stake is huge, while for a collector such an investment would bring in even more revenue after a few years.

Christie’s hopes that the items will sell between $2 million and $3 million. Three years ago, Christie’s auctioned a manuscript of Abraham Lincoln’s victory speech he gave in 1864. The manuscript carried his autograph and sold over $3 million.

Chris Coover is Christie’s senior specialist of the manuscripts department. He said: “We can learn a great deal from the first president and his accomplishments…It’s a remarkable ensemble of text. It says a lot about the man and the era”.

George Washington’s pocket Constitution is put up for sale by the last of eight owners. H. Richard Dietrich Jr., a colonial American art collector, bought the pocket Constitution back in 1964. The collector died five years ago, and his estate is now selling the items.

The Washington Examiner writes that “the book is roughly three-quarters of an inch thick with a bright brown calfskin cover”. It features personal notes in the margins of text, as well as George “Washington’s personal bookplate displaying his family crest”.

In a nutshell, Christie’s upcoming auction features quite a valuable piece of George Washington life. Coover explains: “You couldn’t make a more desirable relic of George Washington. It’s the genesis of the American Republic”.

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