2012 Toyota Prius v: bigger than its predecessor

The Japanese company announced that in 2012 a new version of the full hybrid electric Prius will be available on the most important markets. Experts at CNET have compared Toyota Prius v and they discovered that the new model is bigger than its predecessor.

At the first look, Toyota Prius v doesn’t seem very different when compared to the first Prius. After all, they are both hatchback versions. However, once you get inside the Toyota Prius v you realize that you have more space to use. This improvement was given by the larger cargo area, higher roof, and some design touches. In fact, the car seems like a minivan thanks to the standalone console between the front seats and dual moonroofs.

The 2012 design does not present any other differences besides the aforementioned ones. The driver experiences the same sensations behind the steering wheel of the Toyota Prius v as it does in the standard model. The power of the car is given by an electric car and 1.8-liter gasoline engine. The drawbacks arise from the fact that the car is heavier and less aerodynamic than the standard design. Thus, you would probably have to fill your gas tank more often than you would with Toyota Prius if you purchase the latest car.

Despite its large size, Prius v is still capable of averaging over 40 mpg. These results are better than the ones of any other straight gasoline-engine car on the market.

Prius v was also provided with a series of head units. The top tier models have hard-drive-based navigation, satellite radio and Entune app integration which transmit external data into the car. The car has one of the best eco-friendly sound systems; JBL GreenEdge audio system was purposefully created to consume less energy and yet, produce robust sound.

The new car was released on the U.S. market in October 2011. According to Toyota’s declarations, the American version is provided with an older-style nickel-metal hydride battery pack as opposed to the models that will be shipped to Japan and Europe. This decision was adopted in order to reduce the costs of the car in America.

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