2 Chainz Arrested In Airport For Possession Of… “Brass Knuckles”

Based on a recent report published by MTV, 2 Chainz was arrested in New York’s LaGuardia Airport for possession of “brass knuckles” on Tuesday. The Atlanta rapper set off the airport alarm with the four-finger ring he had in his bag and police officers arrested him because they thought the piece of jewelry was a weapon.

2 Chainz, as the name says it, likes to wear as many jewelry pieces as possible. The hip hop interpreter and his Louis Vuitton case were getting ready to pass through the body scanner at the LaGuardia Airport in New York when the alarms were set off by an object in the singer’s bag. Police officers inspected it and not knowing that it was a four-finger ring, they arrested the rapper for possession of weapons.

2 Chainz told guards that the piece of jewelry is part of his wardrobe and that he could not leave town without it. He initially tried to explain that he wasn’t going to start a fight on the plane, but the police officers were not interested in hearing his explanation. In fact, they confiscated the bag and 2 Chainz did not receive his jewelry even after he was released from jail. The rapper spent eight or none hours behind the bars because of the misunderstanding.

Guards at the airport did not believe that Tauheed Epps, aka 2 Chainz, was an artist and were surprised to see that most people at the police station recognized him. After a while, they were all asking him to talk with their kids on the phones and to sign autographs for them. The singer described the whole situation as a “weird experience”.

Despite the recent misunderstanding, 2 Chainz is determined to put the arrest behind and to focus on his next career move. The artist is getting ready to release his debut album called “Based on a T.R.U. Story” which is set to come out on August 14. He is also involved in the “Respect My Vote” project which enables young people to make their voices heard through their votes.

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