14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan Review: Is It Too Good To Be True?

As much as so many people today would love to shed all the undesirable pounds in a snap of a finger, rapid fat loss doesn’t happen in one day. But with a smart approach you could achieve rapid fat loss in 14 days.

Almost sounds like it’s too good to be true? Like this is a scam? We’ve been reviewing and testing the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan ourselves, and although we weren’t exactly committed to the end goal, this is one fat burning program that works.

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Daily Gossip Magazine has been reviewing quite a lot of fat loss programs and reviewers have come to the conclusion that unlike a decade ago, today’s diets and rapid fat burning programs are a lot more smart in their approach, not to mention more scientifically.

What many consumers don’t understand about online rapid fat loss programs is that many of these are actually the work of longtime professionals in the field, that exercises and diets are tested expertly and researched consistently through scientific means. The internet is now offering everyone in need of help, be it with weight loss, correct nutrition or natural treatments, direct expertise from people that have been working as dieticians, doctors or personal trainers for almost a lifetime.

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan -25% Dicount Via Daily Gossip

The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is based on three steps that help the user lose weight without much hassle but with brains. This diet, like several others we’ve been reviewing so far, works by empowering the consumer and explaining why so many diets have failed to produce effective results. The low carb diet for instance might help in the beginning with fat burning, but within a week it skyrockets hormone levels in the body. This slows down the metabolism and thus the fat burning process. In less than a week, although you keep at it, your body stops burning fat, so while your cheeks are thinning, that stubborn belly fat shows no improvement.

So, unlike most diets today, the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan teaches the consumer how to lose weight without raising the hormone levels in the body. Basically the secret of this fast weight loss plan is knowing how your body and brain work and using that to lose weight without damaging your body.

First of all, using low-carb diets won’t get you anywhere but will only overwhelm the body, resulting in temporary weight loss. But add the yo-yo dieting and then the psychological impact and you’ll find yourself back where you started. That’s because carbs aren’t the culprit here. In fact, carbs produce energy for the body, avert muscle loss and even stimulate your metabolism and fat burning process.

The next step of the plan is understanding how the body stores carbohydrates. When you understand how to keep a constant intake of carbs without causing a carb-based fat spillover in your body, it becomes really easy to figure out the fat burning process. Carbs are immediately transformed in energy and stored for later use in your muscles and liver, and when you are eating more carbs than your body gets the opportunity to burn, there is an overflow of carbs in the body. Thus you end up with belly fat and cellulite marks.

The best way to avoid a carb spillover in the body means knowing when to eat them. This is by far the most common mistake people make today in their eating habits. Lack of time and knowledge hinders most people’s efforts to lose weight. When you consume carbs at the right time, you will never have to count calories and worry about fat storage again. The secret is simple: eat carbs 3 to 4 hours before exercise and after. This way the body consumes those carbs during the workout, and after the workout it stores the carbs it needs to keep you going.

Remember though that like with most diets, the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan might not fit your motivation and habits. That’s ok, just look for a nutrition and workout plan that will meet your expectations in terms of commitment and metabolism. The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Macro-Patterning Nutrition Plan and Workout System costs $27 and comes with a money-back guaranteed within 60 days of your purchase. It also comes with several free bonuses, recipe books that teach you how to cook delicious meals and deserts that don’t make you fat but help you burn fat.

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