113 Year Old Woman lies about her Age to Sign up for Facebook

A 113 year old woman had to lie about her age to be able to sign up for Facebook. Anna Stoeher wanted to have her own Facebook profile, so she decided to sign up on the social networking site. Anna surely had a surprise when she found out that she was actually unable to set up her birth date. 

The woman who is soon going to be 114 years old was unable to select her actual birth year. The sign-up process allows users to set the earlier birth year as 1905. However, the woman was born in 1900, but unfortunately this year is not set as an option on Facebook. Of course, to be able to sign up the lady had nothing else to do than lie about her age.

Still, Anna Stoeher was not happy with this, so she decided to write a letter to Facebook and claimed that she is “still here”. Facebook did not immediately respond to the request, so it is yet to see what the social network will say. 

Anna already has 30 friends on Facebook, so the lady is trying to get in touch with people she knows. Anna’s interest in technology started when a Verizon sales rep befriended her, after selling a smartphone to her son, who is 85 years old. He was the one who actually taught the lady how to use the Internet and also how to use an email account. Since then, Anna has used a lot technology, video-chatting with friends and family in Germany. 

A resident of Minnesota, Anna Stoeher was born on October 15, 1900. She is set to celebrate her 114th birthday next week. Anna is currently using an iPad to stay connected with family and friends on the social networking site. Anna Stoeher is one of the 10 oldest living Americans.  

Currently, Anna Stoeher is referred to as the oldest teenager in the online community. Well, it is yet to see what Facebook will have to say and maybe Anna will be able to set up her real birth year on Facebook, after all. 

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